Vocal Coaching

Singing Lessons

Liane has been studying vocal technique and performing for over 12 years now, and continues to study it still. Her vocal lessons are aimed at anyone, from beginners to experts:

  • Instrument players (guitarists, bassists, keyboardists, drummers, etc.) looking to learn how to sing
  • Vocalists looking to improve their technique, whether they are beginners or experienced singers
  • Vocalists looking to perfect their technique while playing another instrument
  • Vocalists looking to learn how to sing in the studio, either for session work or as singer-songwriters
  • Vocalists looking to improve their stage presence and learn stage moves to improve their live performances
  • Vocalists looking to learn how to sing specific music genres (jazz, blues, soul, pop, rap, rnb, etc.)
  • Vocalists / instrumentalists / producers looking to learn a bit more about vocal production techniques
  • Intensive vocal users (teachers, public speakers, etc.) who are not vocalists, but want to learn how to improve their stamina and keep their voices healthy

Along with other musical experience, this is what her vocal lessons have to offer:

  • Speech Level Singing (SLS) inspired teaching style
  • Live performance technique specialisation
  • Stage presence and genre-specific expression
  • Singing while accompanying yourself on other instruments (guitar, bass, keys, cello)
  • Vocal recording technique (studio session work)
  • Vocal production tips (studio session work)

If this sounds like you, just get in touch for a quote.