Composer for Film, TV & Games

I love the visual arts, and have kept the habit of studying cinema, filmmaking and scriptwriting in my free time for over 7 years now. The ability to compose music to screen is an opportunity for me to coordinate my fascination for the cinematic arts with music making. Videogames have also been a part of my life for many, many years now and, as a self-proclaimed “gamer”, it is also an area I’m very keen to see united with my music-making career.

Below are some of the projects that I worked on, as well as some demos of my composition style.

LEGO Microgame Adaptation, where I did basic level design, and created original music and sound effects. Music not yet released. Game accessible here (password: legolianemusic55738).

Keys (2021), directed by Elle Brown. See on IMDb. Soundtrack details here.

Lost For Words (2020), directed by Elcid Asaei. See on IMDb. Soundtrack details here.

Laura (2020), instrumental original release. Album details here.